Media is transforming the way the world communicates and does business. It's happening right now, whether you're a part of it or not. Companies are experiencing a dramatic transformation as technology changes the very nature of content creation, distribution, and monetization. New business models threaten traditional models based on scarcity and access, but successful companies adapt by unlocking new sources of value based on their core content capabilities.
The real potential of media marketing lies in its ability to create a sense of community around your company and generate interactivity between your customers. The implications are huge and the prizes enormous for those businesses with the wisdom and foresight to get involved now.
The Blue Tangerine group can help you understand how the media works and how it relates to your organization.
Our approach starts with a detailed understanding of our clients' internal business drivers, their customers' needs, and the market environment. It ends with strategies that leverage existing assets into higher value business models that take advantage of the changing nature of information businesses. Along the way, we employ our capabilities such as Front-End Customer Strategy, competitive analysis, pricing, and sales force optimization.
Working with a range of clients that span traditional textbook publishers to financial information providers, we help our clients grow their top lines and improve their bottom lines by developing innovative electronic-delivery strategies; designing must-have content-based workflow solutions; and transforming their internal processes to mirror the dramatic changes happening outside their companies.