Today's retailers face an unprecedented set of challenges and opportunities. Companies are dealing with declining economies, fluctuations in their cost of goods sold and an increasing demand for sustainable business practices.
Since customers have an unprecedented access to equally compelling stores, websites, products, brands and services right at their fingertips, the competitive environment has moved to ever faster innovation around the shopping experience in the broadest sense. Hence a wish for a seamless and consistent shopping experience across the different technologies and channels is at its peak with the customers.
The Blue Tangerine retail support service specializes in a total retail turn-key solution, through quality people delivering quality service. With our combined retail skill sets, and unparalleled retail experience, we have built a reputation through working with some of the biggest retail brands, from large supermarkets to DIY stores. We can ensure your brand concepts transcend the retail format and optimize your selling potential.
The Blue Tangerine group's competitive advantages are its flexibility, lack of competition, low overhead and strong industry experience. We have the flexibility to operate any amount of sites, for any length of time needed. We can cater to contracts of all sizes, adjust to the volume of work needed and deliver a consistently high quality product, through our experienced retail team who will never compromise this standard of service we offer.